Make a donation to The Claude Giroux Foundation

Your donations go directly towards supporting local organizations whose missions align with ours, such as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Silver Springs School, and more.

The Claude Giroux Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization founded to save, support, and enhance the lives of struggling kids in the Philadelphia area and beyond. Through fundraising events and outreach, we’re able to partner athletes and communities in raising the contributions necessary to help kids in need overcome the life-altering challenges they face. Our focus is on helping children affected by serious illness or emotional and behavioral challenges, with all donations directly supporting local children’s hospitals, pediatrics research, and institutions supporting at-risk youth.

Attend an Event

Interested in supporting the Claude Giroux Foundation in other ways? Join us at one of our awesome events.

The Claude Giroux Foundation Bowling Night

The tradition of the Annual Claude Giroux Foundation Bowling Night began in 2015. This was one of the first charity events that CGF organized. Claude and his fellow Philadelphia Flyers came out and participated in a tournament that raised funds for a variety of organizations, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Ed Snider Youth Hockey, and organizations that shared personal connections to Claude. The CGF bowling night allowed the foundation to build upon itself and host even more events, which allowed for us to reach even more organizations and impact more children’s lives.

Claude Giroux Foundation Casino Night

The foundation hosted its very first CGF Casino Night in 2017. The event was an incredible success for the foundation. We expanded our partnerships with local businesses to promote the event, and to more non-profit organizations to reach even more children. Claude and other Philadelphia Flyers were among all of the guests mingling and “gambling” throughout the night. Donations were received in various forms and led to our being able to help an excess of struggling children in the Philadelphia Area.

Claude Giroux Foundation Comedy Night

The Claude Giroux Foundation has continued its expansion to include another annual event, the CGF Comedy Night. The Comedy Night’s projected success is representative of how far the foundation has come, and how far we plan to go. We hope to host this event annually and expand its impact on the community each year.